Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Born in San Francisco CA, moved to Santa Rosa, then to San Rafael, then farrr off into the hawaiian islands, now back in cali and at the end of may will be relocating to Nevada

I spend to much of my time on the internet, have an amazing fiance, and will be finally getting a art room all to myself when we move so not only will my juices be flowing more but there will much more treasures in the shop to explore

i'm a girl with to big of dreams for this world and not enough time and money to full fill them

and I always try my best to do at least one thing a day that i know will make someone smile Female, Born on January 17


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sponsored by Dripping Springs Vodka and Paula’s Texas Orange Benefiting Family Eldercare

Enjoy signature drinks from Dripping Springs Vodka and Paula’s Texas Orange and check out seven fabulous Austin Fashion Week designers from the Etsy Austin Team.

Collect a signifier from at least three of the events or locations and bring them to an Etsy Austin Party Hop event to be entered to win a phenomenal prize, including items from the designers and a gift certificate for a spa day at Urban Groove Salon.

The Etsy Austin Designers will be contributing 5% of their proceeds from Austin Fashion Week to Family Eldercare, a charity that provides fans and window unit ACs to elderly and disabled in Central Texas.

Ride-sharing and green practices are encouraged. Carpool drivers with two or more passengers and bikers will receive a free pair of pearl earrings from Broken Ear Productions at the Bettysport parties! (while supplies last)

Etsy Austin AFW Designers and Party Hop Events:


Sweet Potato Island Primping, Purses and Pictures @ Thomas Saverio Salon & Spa (5416 Parkcrest, Ste. 800, Austin, TX 78731)



Coral Reef Dreams Trunk Show @ Roxann’s Specialty Boutique (2900 West Anderson Ln. Ste. H Austin, TX 78759) 4:30pm


MLW Malissa Long Wearables Artistry in Fiber @ Baldwin Beauty School (3005 S Lamar Blvd # 109D, Austin TX 78704) 3-5pm

*annemarie* Style for the Individual MakeUp, Manis and Mimosas! Design your own Hand-bag! MMM... Style for the Individual @ Urban Groove (4301 W. William Cannon Dr., Suite 260, Austin, TX 78749)


Broken Ear Productions 12th Street Block Party @ Betty Sport (916 A West 12th Street Austin, TX 78703) 5-8pm

Jinxedaposed Clothing/Jinxy DV-8 Margarita Madness @ Trends and Tradition Boutique (1917 A. Dutton Drive San Marcos, Texas 78666) 4-7pm


*annemarie* Style for the Individual Custom Handbag Design Party @ Urban Groove (4301W. William Cannon Dr., Suite 260, Austin, TX 78749) 10am - 2pm

Broken Ear Productions Late Morning Cool Down @ Betty Sport (916 A West 12th Street Austin, TX 78703) 10am-noon

Diamonds & Guns by Action Jackson Sparkles and Sweets Soiree @ Urban Betty Salon (1206 West 38th St, Suite 1201, Austin, Texas 78705) 8:30-10pm


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm ShilynJoy.
I'm a student with a very busy schedule. I wonder, sometimes, how I have time to sew. I miss summer!

I've been sewing for about a year, and I'm self-taught. My mom went to dress-making school, but since I'm a stubborn teenager, I don't *always* listen to her....only when I get desperate and frustrated (hehe!)
Since I haven't sewn for too long, I'm in the learning and experimental stage, so my stuff [altogether] may not look cohesive. I'm starting to figure out my likes and dislikes, and incorporating them into my clothing, so hopefully you guys like my stuff enough!

SOON & LATER: I plan on practicing and working on pants in the summer for the upcoming fall!

I'm a Threadbanger Guild leader.
Check it out here: TBGuild.etsy.com

Check me out elsewhere!


Monday, June 1, 2009


My name is Bi0hazard, I've been a crafter for over 10 years. I co own an online store called www.hazardouscreation.com with my fiance and we are here to sell some of the merchandise our small business offers.

Such as:
Hair & Body Accessories
Crocheted goods

For custom/special orders please visit:
B!0H@Z@Rd Etsy

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Labor of love

I've been working on marketing myself on Etsy and other sites. Putting up pictures of my work, talking in forums, among other things to get my name out, I realized my focus is narrow and I need to be broader but that's for another day. I have a goal to get my first Etsy purchase by the end of the month and to facilitate it I've been placing bids in there custom area called Alchemy. It being prom and summer wedding season, there are many people looking for custom special event apparel, but the dollar value they place on there need is down right appalling. There are items wanted that are listed for less than what the materials would cost to make them. This is the result of a buying public that is use to mass produce items with cheap labor.

How do we educate a buying public to understand the quality , time, and craftsmanship that goes into a custom made garment or any handmade item? Especially when they can get an item for the same occasion for pennies on the dollar. We shout it from the roof tops. I have started letting my consuming public know this is what I sell, this is the supply cost, this is my time cost, and detailed description of what the process is. They know what the process is when they shop a store, they don't know the process of how the garment got there and how it was made, but they don't want the same dress that Madison is wearing and they don't know what it's worth. We have to hunt down the places where they are and let them know why our price structure is different. Then and only then will they realize our value and worth.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

OCD Overtly Creative Designer, Diva, Damsel, ect....

Hello, this is me, this is my blog, and this is what it's all about. OCD was derived from an experience I had while working at Fanny's Fabrics. I was making a pillow that looked like a flip flop. I studied the ones I wore to work that day, recalled the HANG TEN logo, and tried my best to curve the arch just right. My coworker, who was just as involved, suddenly said "Quit it with your OCD". I replied," You want me to quit being and Overly Crafty Diva, never going to happen." Recently I been pondering about blogging and that story came back to me but OCD took on another twist.

I chose Overtly because it means "open and observable; not secret or hidden"wordnet.princeton.edu. If you know me, I'm very open when it comes to my creativity and sources. I share, I don't own them. If it's a business I like, I share it, so others will help keep their doors open and their supplies available. I can't make their business, on my own. I gain nothing, by keeping it to myself. I've learned that competition isn't a bad thing. You can't please everyone. You can learn and grow from your competition.

Creativity, is in my blood, my bones and even in my marrow. I grew up in a creative household, my mom was always teaching herself some new craft. We were poor, monetarily, but she always found ways to invent, create, and keep us entertained. She always sewed, she even made most of my blue jeans. She knitted, I still have the Statue of Liberty sweater she knitted me in the 5th grade. I learned quite a bit from her.

I'm still working on the D word. I am a designer, foremost, I challenge myself to create things that I've never seen before. The creative process has taken, as much as, 2 years to obtain what my vision evoked. I am provoked by nature, over abundance of goods, other's works, and whims. Here I plan to take you though my journeys from cradle to completion . So, you can learn my methods, techniques, and make them your own.