Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm ShilynJoy.
I'm a student with a very busy schedule. I wonder, sometimes, how I have time to sew. I miss summer!

I've been sewing for about a year, and I'm self-taught. My mom went to dress-making school, but since I'm a stubborn teenager, I don't *always* listen to her....only when I get desperate and frustrated (hehe!)
Since I haven't sewn for too long, I'm in the learning and experimental stage, so my stuff [altogether] may not look cohesive. I'm starting to figure out my likes and dislikes, and incorporating them into my clothing, so hopefully you guys like my stuff enough!

SOON & LATER: I plan on practicing and working on pants in the summer for the upcoming fall!

I'm a Threadbanger Guild leader.
Check it out here: TBGuild.etsy.com

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