Wednesday, March 25, 2009

OCD Overtly Creative Designer, Diva, Damsel, ect....

Hello, this is me, this is my blog, and this is what it's all about. OCD was derived from an experience I had while working at Fanny's Fabrics. I was making a pillow that looked like a flip flop. I studied the ones I wore to work that day, recalled the HANG TEN logo, and tried my best to curve the arch just right. My coworker, who was just as involved, suddenly said "Quit it with your OCD". I replied," You want me to quit being and Overly Crafty Diva, never going to happen." Recently I been pondering about blogging and that story came back to me but OCD took on another twist.

I chose Overtly because it means "open and observable; not secret or hidden" If you know me, I'm very open when it comes to my creativity and sources. I share, I don't own them. If it's a business I like, I share it, so others will help keep their doors open and their supplies available. I can't make their business, on my own. I gain nothing, by keeping it to myself. I've learned that competition isn't a bad thing. You can't please everyone. You can learn and grow from your competition.

Creativity, is in my blood, my bones and even in my marrow. I grew up in a creative household, my mom was always teaching herself some new craft. We were poor, monetarily, but she always found ways to invent, create, and keep us entertained. She always sewed, she even made most of my blue jeans. She knitted, I still have the Statue of Liberty sweater she knitted me in the 5th grade. I learned quite a bit from her.

I'm still working on the D word. I am a designer, foremost, I challenge myself to create things that I've never seen before. The creative process has taken, as much as, 2 years to obtain what my vision evoked. I am provoked by nature, over abundance of goods, other's works, and whims. Here I plan to take you though my journeys from cradle to completion . So, you can learn my methods, techniques, and make them your own.

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